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 Your automatic gearbox has any problem, is broken, dosn't function any more?


 An automatic gearbox with problems can always be repaired. Il your vehicle with an automatic transmlission has problems, we can help you. We are specialists in repairing , refurbishing automatic gearbox without to have to replace it.


boite vitesse automatique

Our works consist in:
The repair consists of disassembling the box, changing the defective parts in detail with new parts, refitting, adjustment, draining, changing the oil filter and updating the electronic computer.
The operation is equivalent to a standard exchange at a lower cost. A gearbox that has operating problems can always be repaired without the need to replace with a new gearbox.

You are a private individual, your automatic gearbox is malfunctioning, broken or out of order, we can help you out. If you are looking for a second-hand or standard exchange automatic gearbox, contact us: our solution consists of a complete repair of your gearbox.

Possibility also to put a new box.

You are a professional who is not an automatic gearbox specialist: you can send us the dismantled gearbox for diagnosis and repair.
Our revised and repaired automatic transmissions are guaranteed for 1 year.

Very competitive rates. Contact us.



  Adresse:  11 rue Pierre de Geyter 93240 STAINS  (France)
   Tel :  01 42 35 92 87 Horaires: Semaine 8H-12H 13H30-18H Samedi: 08H-12H    

Autre adresse: 134 Avenue de la Viste 13015 Marseille (France) Localiser
Tel: 06 10 39 32 28